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  1. I was born in a mud hut
  2. In a gin box
  3. The country club
  4. Indian detour: improbable pair
  5. Indian detour: married life
  6. Indian detour: Women’s Royal Indian Naval Service (WRIN)
  7. European detour: a foreign country
  8. European detour: grim Britain
  9. The return of the prodigal daughter
  10. Too many sisters
  11. American tinned milk, nappies and the Count
  12. Tanganyikan snake stories
  13. Why doesn’t he speak?
  14. Elephant tales
  15. Oyster Bay
  16. Accidents
  17. Mrs Handlebag
  18. In the shamba
  19. The long leave
  20. The long leave – the return voyage
  21. The long leave – are we there yet?
  22. A house in Burton Street
  23. Befriending Christmas lunch
  24. Nairobi bound
  25. A house in Lavington Green
  26. Our four-legged family
  27. Pets: now you see them, now you don’t
  28. Airport anecdotes
  29. Will Father Christmas find us at Mount Kilimanjaro?
  30. Taking the new car for a spin
  31. When going to the drive-in, please be careful of the lions
  32. Siblings leave little brother holding the chocolate
  33. My first bicycle and keeping an eye on a lorry
  34. School, Slipper, Sister and a Safari
  35. Horse riding at the swimming club
  36. Feeding mum to the lions
  37. What name shall I say?
  38. Odd tales from Nairobi
  39. Mombasa bound
  40. Last one back gets eaten
  41. The Old Town, street vendors and dhow captains
  42. Fisherman’s tales
  43. USS Enterprise has no Scotchie
  44. Mnarani Club, the naked truth
  45. Food for thought
  46. Rolling waves and falling pants
  47. Dip day and the disappearing dog
  48. A slow train to Uganda
  49. To catch a thief
  50. School: Princes, Ministers and Askaris
  51. Extra activities at school
  52. Many ways to get stung
  53. Road to Entebbe
  54. A castle in the garage and a strange bicycle ride
  55. Swear not
  56. Television and other entertainment
  57. The riding crop and other parties
  58. Rallying Moss, struggling MG and melting Eskimo
  59. From a paradise to a pariah state
  60. A holiday with no return

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