22 – A house in Burton Street

It was an old colonial house with two storeys close to the street. At the back of the house was a large garden overlooked by a long veranda We had […]

23 – Befriending Christmas lunch

While at Burton Street we had a turkey (well the local equivalent) shipped down from the highlands to be fattened up for Christmas lunch. For over a month, we children […]

24 - Nairobi bound

Driving from Dar es Salaam to Nairobi is a long way, especially if you are making a detour. We headed inland to Dodoma, entered the Great Rift Valley on the […]

26 - Our four-legged family

We had brought two cats to Nairobi from Dar es Salaam, a Siamese, and a Persian. The Siamese cat’s name was Gopi, an Indian name, at the time I didn’t […]

28 – Airport anecdotes

I had never flown into or out of Nairobi airport but had visited it on many occasions. Although having not crossed the barriers at passport control, I do have an […]