40 – Last one back gets eaten.

My school friends and I used to go swimming at English Point. This was a swimming club consisting of changing rooms and a pontoon moored about a hundred yards from […]

39 – Mombasa bound

Mombasa is some 300 miles from Nairobi, included in the journey is the 6,000-foot drop to sea level. As you go down to the coast, the temperature goes up. We […]

38 – Odd tales from Nairobi

Before we moved away from Nairobi there is the odd tale or two of which I would characterise as miscellaneous stories. Bread, jam and salt  At the bank, a man […]

37 – What name shall I say?

People take their eyesight for granted; in my mother’s case, she had childhood surgery to correct being boss-eyed. The long and the short of it, she was long-sighted in one […]

36 – Feeding mum to the lions

I have a few childhood memories of travelling through the bush, either while on safari or just visiting a game reserve. In one wildlife park, we stopped to watch a […]