1 - I was born in a mud hut

I was born in a mud hut, nothing strange about that, millions are born in mud huts every day. I do confess the mud hut in question was a hospital […]

2 - In a gin box

My brother Trevor (five-years-old) and sister Toni short for Antoinette (six) were due to go to school in the UK. This involved us driving to Nairobi in Kenya. In those […]

3 - The country club

The country club was the epicentre of the relatively small white community, barring wife swapping, it was the only entertainment available. When walking back to your car at night from […]

5 - Indian detour: married life

When my grandparents asked my mum what their future son-in-law’s family did, she replied that his father had passed away and his mother had something to do with broth-making. My […]

8 - European detour: grim Britain

Rationing and the in-laws keeping a close eye on mother’s reputation were putting constraints on the young wife. She was used to a richer and more carefree world, as such […]

10 — Granddad and siblings

During the Great War, granddad and his older brother Arthur fought against the Turks on the Mesopotamian front (now Iraq). I don’t know a great deal more about Arthur, he […]