8 – European detour: grim Britain

King George VI stamp - kongwa2london.comRationing and the in-laws keeping a close eye on mother’s reputation were putting constraints on the young wife. She was used to a richer and more carefree world, as such this spirited independent woman received their disapproval.

Restrictions came in another shape; my sister Toni being born. My father was demobbed and moved the family down to London. The following year, my brother Trevor was added to the family.

Food was short and one day my father returned from work to find my mother crying, she didn’t have a meal for him. He took two slices of bread, then sprinkled salt and pepper on them and they dined.

Not too long after, my father won £400 on the ‘Football Pools’. The first items they bought were two bicycles and some furniture. This was a turning point in their lives and for the yet-to-be-conceived me.

Tanganyika stamp - kongwa2london.comPost-war Britain was no place for his wife compared to being brought up in a
house full of servants and an exciting social life in India. So, he applied to join the Colonial Office; he was accepted and was on the next boat to Tanganyika. Mum and siblings followed on by air in a Hermes Speedbird to Nairobi and then on to Dar es Salaam.



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