49 – To catch a thief

The city of Kampala is built on several hills, each giving their name to a district. We first stayed on the outskirts of the city near Port Bell, before moving […]

48 – A slow train to Uganda

My father was again transferred, this time to Uganda, some 900 miles inland. I could look forward to visiting a new country and again a new school, in my case, […]

45 – Food for thought

On many occasions I would eat with the servants and become acquainted with more exotic dishes. Locusts are a great source of protein but are better dipped in chocolate sauce. […]

42 – Fisherman’s tales

Before there are any fisherman’s tales, you need a boat. This came in the form of ‘Pandu’, the 21-foot-long pride and joy of my father’s. His affections have now been […]